Additional Services

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Moving to a new home can be exciting, overwhelming, and stressful. Sometimes we’ve lived in a particular home for so long that the idea of moving anywhere else produces a feeling of fear because we don’t know where to start. Here at Render Humble Cleaning Services weTHE understand the moving process and know how you’re feeling; but most importantly We’re Here to Help. When your moving out of an apartment in order to receive your security deposit back your apartment has to get cleaned. When your moving out and your house is on the market, it too has to be cleaned and ready to show. Some customers like to hire us because they’re moving to a different space and they know our phenomenal cleaning services makes their new space feel like a brand new home.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Have you ever met a person that always washes their hands before they open their refrigerator? And I mean always. No you haven’t, they don’t exist. I’m willing to bet that every person takes germs into their fridge at least once a day. You shouldn’t move items in your fridge just to make more storage space; that storage space has to get cleaned. It is vital to your health and your families well being. Food Poisoning isn’t just a restaurant accident, it happens in many homes. But lets be honest, we’re all just busy. WHO REALLY HAS THE TIME TO CLEAN A FRIDGE? A BETTER QUESTION. WHO EVEN WANTS TO TAKE THE TIME AND CLEAN THE FRIDGE? WELL, WE DO. Don’t think your fridge should be cleaned only when your food spoils. You should clean your fridge as frequent as you grocery shop. If you took the time to think of how many germs make their way to your home from the time you grab your grocery item off the shelf till the time you place that item into your fridge, then you’d really understand the importance of having your refrigerator cleaned at least twice a month.

Oven Cleaning

Cleaning any oven is challenging, but its worth it. A clean oven saves you money and improves the taste of oven cooked food.

Better Food (Better Heat)

-When your oven is clean, the heat generated by your oven is evenly distributed. Have you ever taken a piece of food out of the oven that looked hot and ready, but taste cold and uncooked? You know what I’m talking about. You even followed the directions and set the proper time and temperature. Then guess what; its not the food or products fault; its your oven. Instead of blaming anything, you should call us and have your OVEN cleaned. No one likes cold food.

Potential Health Risks

-If you haven’t cleaned your oven recently, then anyone eating food cooked out of that oven is gambling with their health. Americans have grown a liking for charred or partially burned food. Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are the chemicals formed when meat and fish are cooked using high temperature methods, such as grilling or pan frying. These chemicals can cause cancer. Now we’re not telling you stop grilling your steak and salmon, that’s unrealistic. But you should at least have it cleaned. Our deep cleaning services can prevent potential carcinogens and bacteria.

Saves You Money

-When your oven is thoroughly cleaned it takes less time to heat to the desired temperature and evenly cook the food. If your saving time on the oven cooking process, then your saving money on your energy bill.