Commercial Cleaning Services

How clean you keep your space says a lot about your business and the respect you have for your customers. Consumers naturally gravitate towards the cleanest commercial space when deciding where to shop for products and services. No one likes eating in an unclean environment, using a dirty bathroom, or seeing trash on floors; It’s simply uncomfortable. We provide comfort for your customers by eliminating your dirty worries and consistently sanitizing your space. With our phenomenal cleaning services your business can flourish.

Your Business Image

Business sales have a direct correlation to your company’s image. Clutter, dirty dishes, overflowing trash cans, and disorganized desks send a clear message; you’re overwhelmed or otherwise lacking in professionalism. We have a history of helping businesses revitalize their space, and within days they experience an increase in sales. Having a clean space is truly a rewarding process, for both your business growth and your customers experience.

Our Basic Commercial Cleaning

Services include :
-General Office Cleaning
-Dusting Furniture
-Floor Cleaning and polishing
-Carpet Vacuuming
-Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing
-Trash Removal
-Kitchen and Break Room Cleaning

Affordable Commercial Cleaning at Personalized Prices

Exceptional cleaning is essential to your business, but can you afford it? At Render Humble Cleaning Services, we work with you to secure a specific cleaning plan that is within your budget.

We help you decide:

– How often you need cleaning—daily, weekly, monthly, or periodic cleaning.
– What you need cleaned regularly based on the number of people using your space.
– Which specific cleaning services will best help preserve the value of your building.
– Your cleaning budget—we work within your budget and still provide you with a great service that will continue to boost your company’s image.

When you contact us, we set up an on-site appointment with our manager to go over your building and to discuss your customized cleaning plan.