Construction Clean-Up

Whether you just finished remodeling your new kitchen or you recently had renovations done to your business office, then you’ll need a post construction cleaning service. At Render Humble Cleaning Services we get your space ready for use right away. We understand our value and the necessity of a construction clean up service. Clients are looking for a service that gets rid of any and everything left over. We leave your space looking brand new. When we leave your space there won’t be any dust, residue, or evidence that a construction job ever took place.

What you can expect:

-Sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming
-Window cleaning
-Bathroom cleaning
-Mirror cleaning
-Damp mopping
-Appliance cleaning
-Removal of labels and stickers
-Removal of trash and debris
-Spot and stain removal
-Paint removal
-Wood and metal(stainless and chrome) cleaning